April 12, 2015

end of semester celebration!!!

It's that time of the year when your actual lectures are over and you find yourself doing anything and everything rather than studying for your finals. One more semester down and two more to go for me, but Navneet is ALL DONE - like pack bags and go home done. Like never come back apart from graduation ALL DONE. Oh dang. This is obviously very awesome and I'm so #proudofher .... but it meant that yesterday was the last after-class-on-Friday hangout we'll ever have. I'll be feeling nostalgic about it this Friday probably. So you know we had to go all out and eat fried chicken and waffles!!!!!! But first, our kick-butt outfits.

slightly wrinkled and rained on dress from h&m, jacket from zara, shoes from target

jacket from buffalo exchange, dress and tights from urban outfitters, long-sleeved shirt from hollister, boots from spring

We did our research and according to the Internet, Portland Craft has one of the best fried chicken and waffle creations in Vancouver. Although we had never eaten fried chicken and waffles together, we pride ourselves on having pretty distinguished palettes (ok maybe that's just me, but I could be wrong) and man, were we in for a culinary experience!

I honestly do not know how to describe to you just how freakin delicious fried chicken, waffles, gravy, and maple syrup taste together. Separately they are great, but together the effect is synergistic. That's a new word I learned this semester in my public health class!!! It means that the effect of the combination of the two things is multiplicative instead of additive. If you've never tried all 4 together, you gotta do it. I woke up today #flawless thinking of fried chicken and waffles. That's when you know it's good, man.

And then!!! Rose cream filled donut bites!!!! How cute are these little guys! The combination of the rose cream with the flaky pastry inside and the just-right crispy outside - also a synergistic effect. The rose cream reminded me of the perfume that sweet, huggable Grandmas always seem to wear. You think that that would be a bad thing but it was similar to an edible version of a Grandma hug, which is obviously a very good thing. Trust us.

I almost forgot about the beer! The beer!!! We really don't know anything about beer so we asked our server for a recommendation for something light and slightly sweet. We decided on Pyramid Breweries apricot ale and, oh dang, was it good. It was definitely sweet but not too sweet, light but not too light. And it was so complex! I've never tasted a more non-boring beer in my life. Granted, I haven't taste a lot of beer in my life but this one was definitely up there. It was the perfect pairing with our fried chicken and waffles and donut bites. All in all, a truly beautiful day and I currently want nothing more than to eat all of this again. Look at that fried chicken. Oh my gosh.