November 16, 2014

got a curse we cannot lift

3.1 phillip lim x target pyjama shirt, h&m tank top, levi's jeans, boots from target, topshop jacket (this outfit was inspired by 2 of my favourite fall things: Harry Styles and pea soup)

headband from forever21, necklace from h&m, coat from zara, shoes from spring, tights from target, skirt from dynamite, top from garage, aaaand cardigan from boohoo 


It's getting to be that time of the semester again... The time where you are lacking in significant Vitamin D (or so Gabby, the healthsci major, keeps insisting on) and are just ready to hibernate for the rest of the season so you won't have to deal with school anymore. Yay for fashion distractions! I like that we had our Halloween spirit going this year. Although I think we look a lot dorkier than the badass lyrics this post is titled after may suggest.

Anyway, here's a Halloween-y sort of jam--at least, the one I rock out to every Halloween for the past few Halloweens.

This post also seems like an appropriate time to introduce you to my obsession with Jessica from HowSweetEats. This is the best food blog out there, period. I'm 100% convinced she can read my mind. Take this recipe for candy bar caramel corn for example. It's basically popcorn covered in chocolate bars. Is there a better way to eat popcorn????? The answer is no. If this picture doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. 

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