November 07, 2014

the a to z on gabby and me (#slightlyawkwardfirstpost)

From Livejournal in the mid-2000s to Tumblr in the early 2010s, it's been one blogging journey after another for me. I've created personal blogs, a travel blog, a writing blog, an art inspiration blog, a resource blog, a music name it, haha. But I am especially excited to start this particular blog because I hope that it can be a little bit of a mix of all of those. What makes me extra excited about it, though, is the fact that 1. I'm doing this with one of my closest friends and 2. I hope to make this a place all about self-love and appreciation. Friendship and self-love, yo. The best things in life!

So, without further ado, meet the creators:

Navneet is twenty twoooo ooo ooooo (I hope you sang along) and she's currently studying English and the Humanities. Actually, she's almost done university! #proudofher After this momentous occasion, she hopes to be a teacher. The thing is, Navneet is going to be the greatest teacher because she loves kids so much and they love her right back. Her love of food is almost as massive as mine, which is probably one of the reasons we get along so well. Navneet introduced me to Korean food and for that I am forever grateful. She also loves cute Korean dramas and foreign-language shows/movies in general. The most accurate word to describe Navneet would be resilient. She's also daringly honest and super knowledgeable about cool stuff that matters in real life (read: FEMINISM!). If I had to describe us in one emoji it would obviously be the 2 girls linking arms dressed in black because we're always on the same page. Honestly, the times where she's said something I was just thinking is slightly insane. She is a total book nerd, like it's unreal how avid she can be sometimes. She also wants to do more creative things since she hasn't been reading or writing or drawing nearly enough these days (thanks school). Navneet is passionate about knowledge and education and people, among other things. She also LOVES telling anecdotes about her little brothers.

Gabby is 20 years old (ALMOST 21!) and she's studying Health Sciences and Human Development & Counselling. She hopes to do something involving helping kids, potentially counselling (and she's going to be excellent at it because she's a great listener and extremely open-minded and big-hearted). Her phone case has cartoon pictures of pizza with the words "you are all beautiful and I love you equally"... that should tell you a lot. Gabby loves One Direction and would like you to know that she is not ashamed in the least. She thinks teenage girls are amazing. She loves breakfast food in particular and also making music mixes (and driving to really amazing music mixes made by her amazing friends, of course). She is extremely into shiny fashion trends at the moment. She keeps things real but also manages to keep the "glass half full" which can be baffling but also wonderful. We go on food dates together... what does that say about us? (It says, "we love other enough to eat good food together often and make an actual hobby out of it" obviously.) Finally, Gabby loves the Office almost as much as she loves food. And she loves Nico Mirallegro's beautiful brown eyes almost as she loves the Office. And don't even mention Liam Payne around her (this really means, mention Liam Payne and enter into a 10 minute conversation about his puppy dog eyes).

Whew, long post. We leave you with this:

Except we both get to be Beyoncé in this relationship. Always.

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