January 21, 2015

make a wish

Wednesdays are my chill-out days this semester, but unfortunately for the past two weeks they've been my dentist days instead. Yep, that's right: days plural. So now I'm home with my face half-frozen and no desire to do anything school-related. Perfect occasion to make that post I've been wanting to make about my current wishlist! Aka, some things I've been eyeing that I'm completely intrigued by.

LORAC The Royal 3D Liquid Lustre Set, $28 on Amazon

How gorgeous are these? One of my favourite beauty bloggers, Arabelle Sicardi, recommended them a while back. Who doesn't want super shiny glitter eyelids all the time???

Handmade Crystal Cluster Porcelain Mugs by Silver Lining Ceramics @ Etsy
I can't believe that two years ago I made do with one mug (which wasn't even mine by the way). Now I'm an adamant believer in never having enough mugs, especially when they're as beautiful as this! I wish I'd paid more attention during the pottery/ceramics portion of art class...

Cocoa 31 - Chocolate Brown Lipstick, $26, by Bobbi Brown
I don't know when my obsession with brown lipstick started but it's been around for a while and I STILL don't have the perfect brown lipstick. I'm pretty sure this one is it. I actually bought it over Christmas break, kept it on my bathroom counter so I could admire it every day even before I started using it, and one day it just disappeared. I'm still searching high and low for it because it was PERFECT and I'm SO SAD. :( If I really did lose it, I think I love it enough to actually buy another. When I get my paycheque.

Lips & Boys Lipstick, $32, by Tom Ford (this one's 'Liam')
Not only does this lipstick come in a glorious range of colours, it's also one of Tom Ford's more affordable products. Rumour has it they're only available until the end of February, so I might just pick up a few of these very soon. And I love what TF had to say about this product line: "I like the idea of lipsticks named after boys. Why commit to one when you can have several?" Boys are goobers, but I like this line of thought too.

And did you really think this wishlist was gonna be just makeup and mugs? Nope. Here are some recipes I've been wishing to make!

  • Avocado hummus. I love avocados and I haven't been eating enough hummus. It seems like a perfect solution. 
  • Reese's peanut butter cup espresso brioche and butter pudding. Whenever I look at this recipe (and believe me, it's more often than you'd think), I die a little inside at the fact that it isn't in my mouth. Somebody PLEASE make it and tell me how it is because I've been trying to resist super decadent things this month.
  • Easy Korean chicken lettuce wraps. Ok, not gonna lie, I am not a fan of lettuce at all. BUT Korean food is probably my favourite thing in the world so I think it'll balance it out.
  • Hotteok, aka a "Korean snack made with wheat flour dough filled with dark brown sugar, cinnamon, sesame, and chopped peanuts". So basically pancakes except better. 
  • Braised pork belly kimchi stew. For obvious reasons.
  • Matcha coconut macaroons. Frankly I just can't believe I haven't made these already. I love matcha!
So what have you guys been wishing for? :)

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