March 25, 2015

The Manifestation of Our Inner Mind on Our Eyelids

Hey-o!! We're back! With an experiment!! Our research question: what would happen if we did each other's makeup? Here are the results. 

This is a slightly more dramatic version of a makeup look I've been super into lately. I like to call it Sunset On Your Eyes, for obvious reasons. I'm so sad that I forgot to take a picture of Navneet's eyeball closeup (she had to book it to Zumba so we were rushing). But lemme just say that these pictures DO NOT do this look justice AT ALL. These eyeshadows are at least 10 times more glittery in person. We recently ordered some stuff from ColourPop and wanted to try out some crazy looks on each other, so that's mostly what we used. 

If I were doing this same look again, first I would blend a peachy colour (I used Urban Decay's freelove) into her upper lash line. I tried to do this after I applied the base colour, but it didn't show up as well as I wanted. In terms of creating a base, I used bandit on her lids and her lower lash line and mittens in her crease. Then I blended sequin into her crease for some sparkle, especially focusing on the outer corner. I patted a bright copper shade onto the middle of her eyelids (baked by Urban Decay) and used a golden bronze in the corner of her eyes (half baked by Urban Decay). To highlight her brow bone I used girly, which is one of the coolest eyeshadows I've ever seen. We both used I heart this as a cheekbone highlighter - greatest decision ever!!! It looks SO sick in real life! We finished it off with some mascara and cin cin by Bite Beauty on the lips, with a little bit of jet set by NYX in the middle. Gold lipstick is the absolute best for adding a little bit of extra oomph to pretty much any look.

Despite being significantly more dramatic, I'd say this look I (Navneet) did on Gabby was a lot easier and less complicated to achieve than the one she did on me! Again, these Colourpop shadows are AMAZING--so so so easy to blend and layer. I've never considered myself very talented when it came to doing anything involving eyeshadow, and either a miracle happened overnight or Colourpop is itself the miracle. I'm betting on the latter. Also, random side note, I am truly baffled and amazed at how very DIFFERENT the same makeup can look on the two of us! I did a brighter version of this looks on myself a few weeks back and it looked very different (not bad, just different). That, my friends, is why swatches are important. And we may just be doing those in the future!

I used a total of 3 shadows to get this look. Yep, you read that right: three. For the base I used shameless, which is a stunning black that sparkles with blue and gold glitter--I put on a thinner layer at first and increased its intensity until it became as dark as I wanted to be. As you can see, I took it a little bit above her crease, because I love the look of the shadow being very visible even when the eyes are open (which can be a problem for girls like me, with heavier brows). Next, I used bae on most of the lid, except for the outer corner, where I blended it out into shameless. 

Finally, I used the magical and extremely versatile I heart this to highlight the inner corner of her eye, as well as the inner third of her eyelid. All 3 colours were used in the same sequence on her lower lash line. 

WHAT A LOOK. I can practically hear angels singing when I look at it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

PS: the title is supposed to be reminiscent of a journal article cause we did an experiment, c'mon navneet

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