February 16, 2015


As you may or may not know, Gabby and I love Korean food. We especially love Heeraedung, which I've been going to for three or four years now and which I introduced to Gabbs last semester. This place is family-friendly (there's always babies, adds Gabby, which is obviously a reason to entice you to go there). It's also frickin' delicious. AND reasonably priced! That's important. What else do you need?

black bean noodles with onion, pork belly, deliciousness, etc.
We've been here twice together and both times we ordered the exact same thing: a jajjangmyun (black bean noodles that are Chinese-style Korean food) and this spicy seafood soup called jjambong. These two are seriously a winning combination--the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and savoury.

These black bean noodles are amazing. They taste like something you should be eating by an open fireplace whilst swaddled in a massive fuzzy blanket and your favourite pyjamas--they are that comforting. They're also really hearty, which makes for a nice contrast with the spicy seafood soup. I always thought I didn't like seafood until I met this soup. (Just to be clear, that sentence was all Navneet. I, Gabby, have always loved seafood because I am a person who enjoys beautiful things.) All the textures and flavours are so stunning together! You get a little taste of the ocean in this GIANT bowl. But spicy and with noodles. So the best version of the ocean possible.

spicy seafood soup with mussels, octopus, shrimp, mushrooms, noodles, squid, onions, deliciousness, etc.
This was meant to be a food review kind of entry but it's more like a food recommendation kind of entry because there is literally nothing we can say that is bad about this food. The only bad thing is you can't finish it all (but that's not bad at all because then you have dinner/lunch left for the next day!!!). So seriously, you should consider going there if you're in Coquitlam and in the mood for something inexpensive and unique. :)

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