August 10, 2015

summer daze

On this beautiful May day (yes, we know this post is late) Gabby and I had a lovely time watching Cinderella in the cheapo theatre near my house. It was very light and required no thinking whatsoever and we got to ooh and aah at all the beautiful cinematography. Sometimes everyone needs a day to relax, and what better way to do it than in the company of your best friend? Afterwards, we drove to this strange little park just out in the middle of nowhere. It's literally just a couple of paths surrounded by grass and a random train track, but the longer we took pictures there, the prettier it seemed to become, particularly as the day began to draw to a close.

top from h&m, skirt from ross, bag from forever21

jacket from buffalo exchange

dress from forever21, watch from triwa

bae and i heart this eyeshadows by colourpop, brink lip liner and leather lipstick by colourpop
Obligatory makeup shot. I've been working hard on my skillz since I got into Colourpop--post on that coming soon! Also, this dress makes me feel like some kind of Greek goddess... wishful thinking says armour-free Athena?

shoes (that i can't believe we didn't get a decent shot of) from aldo

shoes from kenzie girl

I've never truly been a fan of summer--fall is the season that makes my heart come alive, honestly. Summer can be hard because I've always appreciated the hustle and routine brought on by school, and to be free of that makes me feel kind of weird sometimes, haha. Moments like this, though--being with someone I love in a strange, beautiful place surrounded by mountains, endless sky and silence--they make me feel like I can see the beauty in the season. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think this was one of those summer days that was absolutely perfect because of its simplicity. I truly hope everyone's summer has been full of random, lovely little moments like this, too. :)

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