August 27, 2015


We have a confession: we are in love with Colourpop. Here's why: the quality is amazing, the price is amazing ($5 for lippies and eyeshadows and $8 for blush!!!!), the colour selection is AMAZING and unlike anything we've seen elsewhere. Check it out for yourself!

from the wrist out: swift, quarters, between the sheets, bonus, tonic, wisp (blushes + highlighter)

from the wrist out: smash,  game face, get lucky,  i heart this, girly, amaze, sequin

sequin, so quiche, hammered, mooning, shameless, bae, dare

hanky panky, to-a-t, bandit, mittens

mittens, bandit, to-a-t, hanky panky, smash

sequin, amaze, girly, i heart this, get lucky, game face

drift, shameless on top, bae on the bottom, mooning, hammered, so quiche

swift, between the sheets, quarters, bonus, tonic, wisp

brunch lippie

chi chi lippie

pitch lippie with hammered, mooning, girly eyeshadow

chi chi lippie with game face and mooning eyeshadows

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